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08/01/19 21:11

Hello - I am Karen Penlington (now Luard), daughter of Ross Penlington who was DPP (Director of Public Prosecutions in HK in the mid-70's and prosecuted both Peter Godber and Ernest 'Taffy' Hunt in 1974)...I am researching a book on the establishment of the ICAC in the 70's and would be very interested to talk to anyone in relevant government departments - police force/public works department/legal department - in the 70's and 80's who observed or has a first-hand experience - or a credible opinion - of what it was to operate in HK pre and post the early days of the setting up of the ICAC. I would like to stress this not a witch hunt... The model of the ICAC - which at the time was dismissed as 'Interference with Chinese Ancient Custom' and was not expected 'to work' - has gone on provide the basis for similar operations throughout Australasia/Canada and now several African nations.

Anyone with any information or insight, please email me at kp(at)kpcommunications.co.uk

I am based in the UK and can, within reason, set up one-on-one meetings. Many thanks!

Karen Penlington Luard

Ross Penlington,全名Ross Grange Penlington,中文彭亮廷

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