Lomo new lens is good

#1 電気鼠
06/10/21 08:44

Shot with lomo Atoll 2.8/17 on Leica M3

Should be at f/5.6

The image quality seems quite even from the centre to the corners. Quite sharp at 5.6. Convenient to use at hyperfocal point.

Yet drawback is that I often turn the aperture ring rather than the focusing ring, as the aperture ring is built larger.

Built quality is good, body and mount are metal and it's coming with a metal front cap.

Lens design should be typical modern wide lens design, consisting 10 groups of 13 lenses. Weight is acceptable and the size is also not overwhelming.

I also bought the Z mount adapter. Maybe I could try it on a digital camera.

(Until I got enough money to buy a Z body, stay tuned)

Here are more sample test photos

#2 電気鼠
06/10/21 08:47

#3 劣食牛
06/10/21 08:52

#4 人類必須滅亡
06/10/21 09:22

Looks like one of my soviet union lens.

#5 John Ching
06/10/21 10:35


#6 笨忍實
06/10/21 11:19


#7 人類必須滅亡
06/10/21 11:28



#8 電気鼠
07/10/21 21:43

Looks like one of my soviet union lens.

Russar MR-2 is still my portable, subtle choice for street photography (in day light)

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