HKDSE English Language Speaking Booster (2020-07-28)

#1 DutalaTortoise
28/07/20 13:08

• Asking for an opinion

o How do you feel about (the new highway they're building near your home)?

o What is your view on (womens' rights)?

o What do you think about (Dad's new haircut)?

o What do you think of (the new tax bill)?

o What's your opinion on (the IMF bailout)?

o What's your opinion of (Joe)?

o How do you feel about (Dan's promotion)?

o What's your view on (women's rights)?

o What do you think?

o What do you think about (the Asian financial crisis)?

o What about (men's rights)?

o The (spaghetti) is pretty terrible, isn't it?

o What is your reaction to (Clinton's testimony)?

o Do you have any opinion on (the new copyright laws)?

o What would you say to (going out on Sunday night)?

o How would you react to (my asking you to marry you)?

#2 DutalaTortoise
28/07/20 13:09

• Giving your opinion

o As I see it, (life is too short to spend a lot of time worrying).

o In my opinion, (they should leave Clinton alone).

o Personally, I feel that (that hat is too big).

o Personally, I believe that (our children will live in a better world).

o It seems to me that (people around here drive a little too fast).

o The way I see it, (we shouldn't really worry whether the world is round).

o From my point of view, (her actions have been deplorable.).

o If you ask me, (he should apologize).

o I'd say (we could all do with a little rest).

o I'm convinced that (if you persevere you will succeed no matter what the obstacles).

o I'm of the opinion that (children should be seen but not heard).

o It's my opinion that (the West is a civilization in decline).

o I hold the view that (men and women are created equal).

o Personally, I consider (Sue's comment to be completely out-of-line).

o It's my considered opinion that (he'll make a come-back).

o To be quite frank, (you should change the color of your hair).

o To be perfectly frank, (you are too tall for me).

#3 DutalaTortoise
28/07/20 13:09

• Saying you have no opinion

o I really couldn't say.

o I'm afraid I couldn't say.

o I have no strong feelings about X.

o Your guess is as good as mine.

o I don't know.

o It's really not something that I've thought about a great deal.

o I really can't say that I have any particular views on the subject.

#4 DutalaTortoise
28/07/20 13:09

• Avoiding giving an opinion

o Do you think so?

o I suppose it depends on your point of view.

o It's difficult to say.

o I'd have to think about it a bit.

o I'd rather not say.

o I don't know really.

o It all depends.

o Maybe yes. Maybe no.

o Perhaps

o Could be.

o I really couldn't say.

o I'd rather not commit myself right now.

o I was worried you'd ask me about that.

#5 DutalaTortoise
28/07/20 13:09

• Trying to change an opinion

o Surely, you don't think that X.

o Surely, you don't mean that X.

o Another way of looking at it would be X

o Do you really think that would be possible?

o Yes, but on the other hand.

o No, but look at X.

o Hold on, X.

o Think of it this way, X

o Look at it like this, X.

o You don't really think X.

o Are you kidding?

o Seen from a different angle, you might say that X

o Looking at it in another light, X

o But there are other things to consider. For example, X.

o Have you really taken everything into consideration. For instance, X.

o Yes, but if you look at the big picture X.

o I respect your opinion, however X.

o Others might say that X.

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