NBA raises eyebrows for not allowing customers to print 'FreeHongKong' on custom gear

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14/07/20 01:01

NBA raises eyebrows for not allowing customers to print 'FreeHongKong' on custom gear

Critics have been intensely scrutinizing the league's strong ties to China

The NBA is facing further scrutiny over its close ties to China after critics pointed out that customers cannot print "FreeHongKong" when ordering custom gear on its online store.

A video shared by a Twitter user named Vince on Sunday evening went viral showing his attempt to order a custom t-shirt with text that reads "FreeHongKong" on the site, which has direct ties to all major sports leagues including the NBA.

"We are unable to customize this item with the text you have entered. Please try a different entry," the error message reads at the bottom.

However, Vince was able to successfully request "FreeHongKonu," changing the last letter to a "u" from a "g."

"Whatsup @NBA @Fanatics," Vince asked.

Fox News was able to confirm on both Fanantics and NBA's own online store that "FreeHongKong" cannot be printed on the shirt. The custom gear only allows 12 characters and the site does allow "Hong Kong" and "HongKongFree" to be printed.

As The Daily Caller's Peter J. Hasson pointed out, "FreeAmerica," "FreeCanada," "FreeMexico," and "FreeTaiwan" are also allowed to be printed on the gear.

Outkick founder and sports journalist Clay Travis blasted the apparent ban, pointing to the league's recent decision to allow players to wear pre-approved social justice slogans on their uniforms.

"The NBA bans you, the fan, from putting #FreeHongKong on customized league jerseys even as they allow players to wear customized jerseys," Travis wrote.

Other critics piled on the NBA, accusing the league of being to cozy to China.

More evidence of the @NBA's shameful cowardice and unwillingness to stand up for human rights in China. This is mind-boggling," Sen. Rick Scott, R-Fla., reacted. "The NBA and its players have chosen profits over human rights. They’re siding with Xi and the CCP over those fighting for their freedom."

"Of course - @NBA Incorporated doesn’t dare offend the paymasters in #Bejing!" Sen. Josh Hawley, R-Mo. similarly said.

"Wow looks like @KingJames & co. might love that China cash even more than Hunter Biden! #BeijingBiden," Donald Trump Jr. jabbed both NBA star LeBron James and the Bidens.

"The NBA is such a courageous champion of social justice," National Review editor Rich Lowry sarcastically tweeted.

The NBA did not immediately respond to Fox News' request for comment.

The subject of the NBA's close ties to China was renewed last week after ESPN's prominent NBA reporter Adrian Wojnarowski sent Sen. Hawley a profane response to the lawmaker's criticism of the league's decision of “pre-approved, social justice slogans” while “censoring support” for law enforcement and criticism of the Chinese Communist Party.

Wojnarowski apologized to Hawley, and ESPN later suspended the reporter.


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